We help the Investors to buy the properties before they go to AUCTION

We deal with properties and help the investors to buy the properties before its auction. Mostly these properties are repossesed by Banks or mortgage companies. We negotiate with Banks or mortgage companies and offer the best price. If agreed, the property is not offered for auction on the day of auction. We charge our administrative fee and 10% of the min. offer required before the negotiation. If sucessfull then OK otherwise refund it to party.

If you have no sufficient funds to purchase a property for your own use and have good credit history, then we can help you in getting morgage. We will charge you our admin. fee. If before auction, you have decided to get mortgage, we will help you even and will try to buy the property on very competetive rates.

All properties given in the lists are offered for sale by our agents and we are not liable about the information provided by our agents or clients. You can ask any information from us before its purchase. If you are interested in any property, contact us quoting the reference number. We will tell you the exact location of property and arrange a visit, if you like.

Contact us by email :
                     Phone: +44 161 626 9000
                     Mobile: +44 (0) 7722432673

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